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Friends of Chris and Luke

Matt Semino - Actor / Producer

BTB Bids (Business Toolbox LLC)

Thomas Ian Nicholas - Actor

Tim Scarne - Actor/DJ

L.A. D.J. - Independent Film - Thomas Ian Nicholas's directorial debut.

Peoples - Independent Film

Sally Vines - Actress from Melbourne Australia starring in Neighbours and Camberwell Heights.

Ultra Violet Air Purification

Krayzie Bone - Solo Album coming in summer of 2004!

Morningwood - The Best New York City Band

Autumn Ruhe - Photographer

David Wygant the Dating Expert - If you are looking to find a date this weekend and are having no luck... David Wygant is your man to get you out of this situation!

Miss Emily - Miss Emily is one of the top Teen Internet Columnists. She is an amazing person.

Wasted Apples - The Haddon Heights Crew! They make very funny movies check it out.

KBC Media - Karen is one of the best Publicity People in the world. Make sure you check out her new web site.

Lucinda Ruh - Lucinda Ruh the fastest spinner in the world. If you ever watched Diva's on ice there is a good chance you saw her spin!

Vincent James - Vincent is a great friend. He is performing 100 concerts in 45 days from January 1st to Valentines Day. If you want to give your boyfriend or girlfriend a Love Song for her birthday or any day this is the guy to do it!

Rooney - One of the top up and coming bands from Los Angeles. Some of the guys went to school with our friends at Pepperdine. They have an album coming out in a couple months so be on the look out!

Maroon 5 - Also a great band from Los Angeles. We got to hang out with them while they played their show in New Jersey. If you want a good album buy Maroon 5's!

N.E.R.D - One day they will be our friends. This is the band of the producers "The Neptunes." They have produced almost every popular artist on the charts! In their band they bring every type of music into one CD. It is amazing!

Teens4aCure - Teens4aCure is the Charity we co-founded. If you are interested in helping out please email us!

Lootz - is a marketing company that we also co-founded going to be getting very successful so make sure you visit it and sign up!

Chelsea the Springer Spaniel - Only the coolest most amazing dog ever!

Taylor Ashley - 12 year old performer and writer! Amazing young girl!

Pepperdine - Chris' college in Malibu, California... need I say more?

University of Southern California - Luke's college in Los Angeles!

Talib Kareem - Addlib Studios - If you are in the New York or New Jersey area and looking to put a Demo together talk to Talib he is amazing! He is in the band Imajin which were on Jive Records and shopping around another deal.
- Chris' manual on "How to get into Concerts4Free." If you are tired of paying for the high ticket prices... worry no more!

Crack 'Da Code - We are featured on page 85 of this book.

Mandy Moore - Chris has been friends with Mandy for the last couple years.

Seth Green - Met backstage at the Teen Choice Awards 2002 - Airborne is the best movie!

Jack Black - Met backstage at the Teen Choice Awards 2002 - Airborne is the best movie!

The Barrett Agency - Looking for an agent?

Finizio's - Only the best pizza in South Jersey!

Drudge Report - This is where we get our daily news.

Kevin Burke - Are you interested in going to West Point?

Cool Band of the Day - A New Cool Band Everyday!

DVDTalk - Information about the latest DVDs.

Nick Cannon - Met backstage at the Teen Choice Awards 2002... very nice guy.

Tony Hawk - Met backstage with his wife at the Teen Choice Awards 2002.

Guinness World Records - More informatino about the best records in the world.

Kazaa - File Swapping Software

Digital Media EFX - Optimized Website Content

E-Books - Marketing & Read Books on your Computer!

Concert Tickets


Losing Team - Straight out of Palm Desert - They are going to get big over the next year.

Justin Timberlake

Blink 182

Reel Big Fish


Linkin Park

Max Calo - Italian Latin Pop Sensation coming to the USA! Going to be making a huge impression on the world this year!

Wade Martin - Check this guy out. You'll love his CD!

Less Than Jake

Good Charlotte


Nappy Roots




Phantom Planet

Britney Spears


50 Cent

TV Shows

American Idol



Jimmy Kimmel Live

Mr. Show

Ali G

The Simpsons


Tom Cruise

Owen & Luke Wilson

Wes Anderson

Adam Sandler

Jason Schwartzman

Pamela Anderson


The Royal Tenenbaums

Bottle Rocket


Billy Madison

Chris' DVD List
- 282 and growing...

Agent Information

Literary Agent

Booking Agent


Sports Agent

Entertainment Attorney

Ghost Writer

Coming Soon

Sean O'mara -

Mike Pallante - Music Producer

Johny VonThaden - Movie Reviewer


Kevin Burke - one of the most influential people of the 21st century.