November 2002

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"How To Get Into Concerts For Free" by Chris Barrett
His manual is featured in the latest issue of Spin Magazine on Page 80.
And Big Fat Huge's Debut CD "More of the Same"
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Chris' Manual will show you how easy it is to use my proven secrets to:

  • Meet your favorite band - I have met hundreds of bands from Blink 182 to Reel Big Fish to Limp Bizkit to Smash Mouth to Mandy Moore to Jessica Simpson!

  • How to get free tickets (to even sold out shows) - I have been to over 100 concerts in the last 3 years, all for FREE! I have been able to get into sold out concerts the night of the show, and I did not any tickets!

  • How to get free backstage passes - I have been backstage for lots of concerts. Last year I was at Warped Tour hanging in the Press area, when I was going up the elevator guess who was standing next to me? The guys from Blink 182!!!

  • How to get free video passes - I have a collection of Video taped concerts for my own enjoyment! All of my friends come over to my house and we sit back and enjoy concerts that we all got to see!

  • How to get free press passes - Hanging in the Press area is a lot of fun. All of the bands come by to check out what is going on to answer some questions.

  • Start your own concert magazine - The best way to share your concert going advertures and to show off all of the pictures you get is by starting your own concert going website or magazine! It's not hard and it's well worth it!!

  • How to get free promotional CDs before they are released - I get CDs that I don't even ask for anymore. They just come to me in the mail. It's better than downloading the CDs off Napster because it is faster, easier, and I don't have to spend anytime anymore trying to go out and buy CDs. It is so funny how easily the bands managers and publicists just send out CDs. I even get CDs before they come out in the stores! At the same time the Record Magazines get their copy!

  • What to do once you are hanging out backstage with your favorite band - Everyone wonders what to do once they are backstage. It's so much fun you wouldn't believe it. I was hanging backstage at one show and I was watching the band practice there instruments, eating some food, and playing with toys. Yes they requested those little toys you would buy at a dollar store! I don't think I should say what band this is because they may get embarrassed... I know I would : ).

  • How to get free interviews with any band - I have done interviews with so many bands. I have 95% of these on video tape. I have interviewed bands like Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Save Ferris, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Blink 182, and this summer I am in the process of getting interviews with you guessed it... Eminem.... and N'SYNC! I am talking with their publicists to get these interviews... I can't wait!! I have had so much fun going to concerts you would not believe it. You can too.. .Don't miss out!

  • Who would want to buy this manual? - Anyone who is interested in music. If you have never been to a concert before it doesn't matter you can start going now! Did you not goto concerts because they were too expensive? Were the lines too long. Well wait no longer start going to them for free! You can be 13 years old or 60 years old and still enjoy reading this manual. It is filled with so many tips to get into concerts for free. It will take you right through every step needed to start getting free tickets. Are you tired of paying $55 for one concert ticket? This is your escape from that you can now get the tickets for FREE... Forever!

There is so much more I explain, I couldn't possibly list it all here! What you have read is only a little taste of the secret information you will get when you read "How to Get Into Concerts for Free." You need to read this straight to the point information, if you are serious about saving thousands of your hard earned dollars (just like I have done), and put cash back in your pocket every day. This information I am offering you is CRITICAL.

Manual Cover
You are ordering our Copyrighted Manual written by the 18 year old author Chris Barrett. He Has been getting into concerts for free since the age of 14!!!! The manual is written in an easy to understand format and allows you to go through a step by step process. If you listen to Nysnc, Eminem, Hanson, Blink 182, or any other bands this will help you. You could possibly be standing backstage with your favorite stars. Or sitting in the front row of a concert taking pictures of Nsync or Eminem!! If you plan on going to a concert ever again... This information is for you! Do not let this chance pass you by! If you are 13 years old or 60 years old you will benefit from the inside secrets of getting backstage passes and free tickets to any concert!

And This is not all you get!


Who is BIG FAT HUGE? You won't be asking yourself that after you get this totally awesome CD! Big Fat Huge is one of the "HOTTEST" Punk-Ska Bands to hit the music scene since BLINK 182 and REEL BIG FISH!

Already in 'HUGE' Demand on the East Coast, BIG FAT HUGE is preparing to take the world by storm. Their first print of this CD Sold Out in Less than ONE WEEK! Second Print is now available to ship! Be the first to get it! If you order today, Your CD will be personally signed by "LUKE" Lead Singer and Guitarist! (Ladies... get in line... he's hot and he's single!) The media interviews are lining up for LUKE and the band... So get your autographed copy while they last. Your signed copy just may be worth something in a year!


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