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What have Chris and Luke been up to?

It was a little over 2 years ago that we conceived the idea to become the worlds first corporately sponsored college students.

We came up with the idea, created this website, and launched it into the media and were met with overwhelming success. We were interviewed by media worldwide and began receiving emails from hundreds of high school kids each month. Within 8 months we had been in contact with over 20 nationally known companies. We were invited to their headquarters and met with their marketing departments. It was amazing to see the how large corporations are run. It was a fun and a great learning experience for us.

We chose First USA as our sponsor. Unlike many of the companies, they did not want us to just sell products. Instead, they had a theme of financial empowerment, responsibility and money management. They helped us shape the message we wanted to communicate to the college market.

We made our sponsorship announcement on The Today Show, June 18, 2001 and followed it with a 20 city satellite media tour. The reaction was amazing. Within 48 hours of our sponsorship announcement we had over 80 million media impressions. We garnered over 8 million dollars worth of publicity with First USA and got out the strong messages we wanted to reach out to our peers.

We had a very busy and fun summer. it was non-stop media from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times, CNN to MSNBC. Forbes Magazine to Money Magazine and dozens of radio interviews in every major market throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

Both of us were accepted at our dream schools. Chris choose to go to Pepperdine University and Luke choose University of Southern California. CNN and the Associated Press followed us around campus the first day of school. First USA understood that our education came first so we finally got a little bit of a break!

Living in California has been the most amazing times of our lives. We have met so many interesting people, gone to concerts, got a great tan surfing on the beaches of Malibu, as well as getting a great education.

We were in Hoobastank's music video for one of the top songs last year "Crawling in the Dark." Luke was one of the main actors in this video and if you look closely you can see Chris pop up a bunch of times as well.

We helped to launch Teens4aCure for the benefit of the National Children's Leukemia Foundation (NCLF). The immediate mission of Teens4aCure is to raise $17 million dollars to establish the first of many recovery centers for young people and their families after bone marrow transplants. Chris and Luke had the unique opportunity to connect with notable members of the entertainment community to enhance their fund raising efforts on behalf of NCLF. We went backstage at the Teen Choice Awards to meet and talk to every celebrity about Teens4aCure. Many are interested in helping out. We got to talk to Carmen Electra, Seth Green, Tom Green, Pamela Anderson, Frankie Muiniz, Ben Stiller, and many more. We had all of them sign a t-shirt and it auctioned off online for our Charity over $500.

After our Freshman year, we took acting classes over the summer with some of the top casting directors and teaches in the New York area. We had headshots taken and many casting agents around the country have them. We have been busy going to casting calls and auditions.

We began shooting a pilot for the new Teen TV show with its working name "Teen Edge." Our segment was to be behind the scenes of anything and everything. We shot segments on how a concert is set up and to how to make sushi. It was a lot of fun and we look forward to the show going into production.

We are also working on a book deal. The book will chronicle our online college experience so far. It will be a guide for students to them get into and get through college. Along the same lines we are also in talks with a national press syndicate to write a recurring column that will appear in newspapers throughout the country.

This fall we started is a marketing company that puts all of our talents together to be used in one company. We are creating a database of over 100,000 young people in the 13 - 26 year old market. Our members will test out new products, listen to new music, and just be part of one of the best online communities on the Internet. When a company wants to launch a new product focused on this demographic they can go through for immediate grass roots impact and feedback.

Now is it January, 2003. We are ready for the next big launch of

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported us. Without you it would not have been possible!

Chris Barrett & Luke McCabe