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February 16, 2004

Chris was out at the Sundance Film Festival to support the documentary Chris and Luke featured in "The Corporation." The Corporation ended up winning the World Cinema Documentary - Audience Award.

Check out the trailer for The Corporation.

Chris is currently ranked in the top 100 on Internet Movie Database.

Please send all scripts and projects to our publicist Karen Ammond.

January 5, 2004

Happy New Year!

Chris and Luke are featured in Internet Movie Database for The Corporation. is in the top 100,000 websites on the internet ranking in around 87,000.

December 8, 2003

I will be heading out Sundance next month for the US Premier of the Corporation!

Happy Holidays!

November 20, 2003

Everyone be sure to pick up the 2004 Heart of the Earth Calendar featuring Chris and Luke!

Environmentally Conscious Fashions featuring Hollywood artists (Haylie Johnson, Ashley Johnson, Colleen Pelletier, Nick McCallum, Wendy Ip and many more!) Spend 12 months with us!

All This For less than $20!!! Order Now!

November 3, 2003

The Corporation will be featured at the Sundance Film Festival!
Big Announcements coming in the next 30 days. So Stay tuned!!

October 3, 2003

Our friend Tommy Avallone is running for mayor of Haddon Heights, NJ. Today he was featured on CNN. Yesterday launched his story and made it national right away. Be sure to check out Tommy's website ( More to come soon about Tommy!

There is a few days left to pick up our issue of Cosmogirl so if you have not be sure to do it this weekend!!

The Corporation has been picked up for other major festivals around the world so be sure to keep checking back for updates and screening dates!

Many exciting things are going on, more updates after the weekend!

September 14 2003

Hi everyone. I (Chris) just got back from the Toronto Film Festival. Luke and I were featured in the documentary "The Corporation" ( It was an amazing film... and not just because we were in it! The Film came in 3rd place for the AGF People' Choice Award.

Sponsored by one of the Festival's major supporters, the AGF People's Choice Award is voted on by Festival audiences – known worldwide for their enthusiasm and love of cinema. The 2003 award goes to Takeshi Kitano's ZATOICHI, the mythic story of a blind, roving, seemingly frail masseur who is also the deadliest swordsman in the land.

The first runner-up is Ron Mann's GO FURTHER, which follows actor and activist Woody Harrelson and a crew of fellow activists on what Harrelson calls the Simple Organic Living tour down the Pacific Coast of the USA. The second runner-up, THE CORPORATION, by filmmakers Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott, is a timely, critical, and engaging documentary that probes the history, ideology, and impact of this most dominant institution of our times.

I ended up going to see 13 films in total... here is a quick list.

The Cooler ***
In The Cut ** 1/2
Falling Angels *** 1/2
The Corporation (Premier) *****
Code 46 ** 1/2
Gozu ****
Bus 174 ***
The Corporation (2nd screening) *****
Dark **
Save The Green Planet ****
Prey For Rock & Roll *** 1/2
Danny Deckchair ***
Undead **** 1/2

Undead was the final film to ever be in the Uptown movie theater in Toronto. This was my first week seeing movies in this theater but it was amazing. It should be a part of Toronto History instead it is going to be knocked down and turned into condo's. So I vote to Save the Uptown!

I met some of the most amazing people this past week. Anyone who I told to come to the website please email me! Chris you better email me...

The Corporation is being represented by the company who got Bowling for Columbine distributed so I am sure in the coming weeks there will be a big announcement on the North American release. I will keep everyone updated!

Toronto is an amazing city and I can not wait to come back next year!

Still getting tons of emails from Cosmogirl... I will try to answer all of them!!!

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September 5 2003

Chris and Luke are featured in the October issue of Psychology Today. It will be on the shelves until October 28 so you have plenty of time to pick up a copy!

September 3, 2003

We are featured in the October issue of CosmoGirl. So be sure to pick up a copy it hits news stands September 9th. If you read about us in the magazine feel free to send us an email and say hi!!!

Oh by the way... Be sure to check out the band Morningwood!

If anyone is going to be up at the Toronto Film Fest next week be sure to check out the film "The Corporation." Chris and Luke are featured in this documentary. For screening times and more information click here.

August 29, 2003

The last two weeks have just been crazy! So many things are coming together quickly so keep checking back for updates in the next month or two.

Last night I (Chris) went to "Talk Show" at UCB Theater in NYC. It was amazing. The band Morningwood performed and they were absolutely amazing! They are the future of rock and roll! I met some great people last night and really looking forward to it again.

August 11, 2003

Warped Tour 2003 Photos are up. Be sure to check them out. We had a great time.

We have been busy doing interviews the last few days!! Things are heating up.

August 6, 2003

Chris And Luke Are Back: The Duo Made History And Worldwide Media By Becoming The First Corporate Sponsored College Students in America

The New Search Begins For The Next Round Of Sponsors

Read About The Latest Press Release

The Press Releases are out and the interviews are already coming in!! If you would like to interview Chris and Luke please contact Karen Ammond our publicist or send an email off to Chris and they can arrange everything!

August 5, 2003

The first of two announcements this week... Chris and Luke are featured in the Documentary "The Corporation" which will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival next month! Look for Chris of in Toronto if you are going to be going!

August 3, 2003

Big Announcement Coming Later This Week!!

July 30, 2003

We have been featured in about 50 news papers across the country, from USA Today to the Burlington Free Press. Gannet news service ran our story. Here is a link to a copy of the article. If you came to our web site from a article please send a quick email letting us know what newspaper we were in. We are in the process of looking for a new sponsor and we will be doing a new media launch in the coming weeks. If you know or are part of a company that could be interested in garnering millions of dollars of publicity please let us know!! Thanks for visiting!!

July 16, 2003

Keep your eyes out for the November issue of Cosmo Girl for an interview with Chris and Luke. Also Psychology Today will feature Chris and Luke in their October issue!!

July 4, 2003

Happy July 4th from Chris and Luke!!

June 10, 2003

We are averaging around 700 visitors a day to our website. Keep the emails coming! Keep a look out for Chris and Luke around the country. We are in the process of planning a nationwide tour so keep your eyes out!

April 23, 2003

The KROQ interview yesterday was amazing! We got close to 8000 visitors and over 500 emails! Sorry we couldn't answer all of the emails personally but we are trying to go through and get to all of them!

April 22, 2003
We are excited to be appearing on KROQ's Kevin and Bean Show in Los Angeles today! We are still looking for a new sponsor... we have had a couple company's contact us but we still have not found the perfect fit! If you think you know someone or are part of a company that would love to get out in the media please send us an email and lets start talks!

Everyone be sure to check out the website

March 25, 2003

Today we are selected as We want to wish all of the visitors from Cool Site a great day! Have fun looking around the website. We have been doing a lot over the last 2 months. I guess you could say Chris and Luke are Back! If you keep checking back in the next week or so you will find out about what Chris and Luke are doing next... we'll give you a hint it has something to do with the Entertainment / Film Industry!! We are going to be something that has never been done at the level we are going to be doing it at! We are in the works for a nationally syndicated column, book deal, TV Show, and tons more! So be on the look out for us. If you have anything that you want to share with us feel free to email us at I am sure I will be swarmed with emails today so it may take a bit longer for me to get back to you!

March 19, 2003

We want to wish all of the troops in the Middle East our support and we hope they can return home to their families quickly and safely!

March 17, 2003

We are working on getting a national column so keep sending us your questions for us to answer! We should know very soon what is happening with that!

March 15, 2003

We are going to be featured on in about 10 days so make sure you vote for us so we can become Cool Site of the Month!

March 5, 2003

We have been so busy lately. We have been getting tons of emails every day about all of our ventures going on at once! We will give a full update when it is available. For now you can submit your questions to us or fill out the application to possibly join our team.

February 25, 2003

The John Walsh show last week was amazing. We had a huge positive response. Here are some quotes from some of the hundred's of emails we got. "You guys are an inspiration.", "what's up? you guys rule! free college, that's a wicked idea, I wish i thought of it first!", "I saw you on TV and you guys are pretty cute. What you are doing is a real sweet idea." "Keep up the good work and keep smiling.".

What we are asking everyone this week is if anyone knows of anyone who has made it through college with an interesting way to pay for it? If someone you know got a full scholarship for sports or academics? Or just any interesting college stories please send them to!! Thanks everyone!

February 20, 2003

The New Search is up and running. We are accepting applications from people all across the country. So be sure to get in your application so you can become part of our Chris and Luke team!


The John Walsh Show is airing today across the country at different times. If you are coming by our website because of the show please send a quick email off to letting us know!

February 19, 2003

I hope everyone on the East Coast survived the many feet of snow they received! Chris and Luke will be on the John Walsh Show tomorrow. It airs at different times around the country but is only on NBC! Please go here to find what time it is on in your area: John Walsh in Your Area

February 14, 2003

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Tonight we are going to see Vincent James perform at the Hard Rock Cafe. He is finishing his 6 weeks to Valentine's Tour. His 100th show since January 1st is tonight! He has been doing a great job! We are launching tonight with two of his songs and giving away many free copies of his CD! So join this afternoon and get his CD in the mail! Chris and Luke: What Should I Do? is going great so keep asking us for advice!

February 13, 2003

Chris and Luke : What Should I Do? Is now live and going strong. We have had many people asking for advice so far. We will be answering any questions regarding college, life, dating, or just being a student! To submit your questions please visit our advice column.

Chris and Luke : What Should I Do? - Ask Chris and Luke your questions here.

Lootz will be doing a soft launch in the next 24 - 48 hours with new music from up and coming bands. Make sure you go to and sign up now so you can start getting CDs in your mailbox!

February 11, 2003

Tonight we did an interview with a Swedish newspaper. More interviews and lots of work to do tomorrow. The John Walsh Show episode with us is slated to premier on the 20th of this month. We will get a firm date and let everyone know!

February 09, 2003

The Chris And Luke Mailing List is Now Up and Running.

Sign Up Today - Chris And Luke Email List

AsK Chris and Luke coming this week.
Email your Questions for Chris and Luke Now

February 08, 2003

The Chris and Luke Forum is now Up and Running. Sign up and start making new friends today!

The Chris and Luke Forum - Opens in a new Window

The Forum should open automatically for a few days each time you visit the website.

You can talk about anything from bands, movies, or ask us questions. We can start to build an online community! So start posting messages today!

February 05, 2003

So much has been going on. Last night I (Chris) got to sell Merch at the Rooney concert in Philadelphia. They have such a great group of fans and they are all really great guys. Rooney have their first album coming out this April so everyone better go out and buy it the day it comes out. Below is a picture of me with Robert Carmine the lead singer.

We have also been talking with some company's about a possible partnership. More information will be coming soon about this. Our Episode of the John Walsh Show should air next week sometime. I will try to update everyone when I know when it is going to air.

Here is a picture from the Green Room at the John Walsh show last week.

Left to right: Ronald E. Williams (Enron playgirl); Taria (Enron Playboy); Chris Barrett; Chris Shields (; Ruby; Luke McCabe; Kent (

February 02, 2003

The John Walsh Show taping was amazing! We met so many amazing people. Our episode was with People That Think Outside of the Box to Make Money. We were one of the success story so far. It was an amazing group of people from the guy who tried to buy a car with 207 coupons, the guy who tried to sell his family on EBay, and a guy trying to raise enough money to get a hair transplant. We now have really good friends all over the country! We are going to be putting all of these people in the Friend's of Chris and Luke section of our website.

Next week we have tons of Meetings in Los Angeles. Meeting with Agents, Actors, Producers and company's! We are very excited for the coming weeks.

Next Sunday we are going to see Jonny Was at the Roxy on Sunset anyone who wants to get together let us know... this is Shane West's band it's going to be a lot of fun!

We will update you as soon we know when the John Walsh episode is going to air. It is going to be an amazing show so everyone needs to watch! We are also making a big announcement on the show so be sure to watch!

Coming soon to our website.

Ask Chris and Luke - You will be able to ask us questions relating to college and your life and we will pick new ones each week to answer!

The Chris and Luke Store - You will be able to buy customized Chris and Luke gear.

Anything else you want to see on our website let us know!

More updates this week!

January 23, 2003

This week has been going very well. Luke and I will be together next week before we head up to New York to be on the John Walsh show on NBC. It will air the following week during sweeps. Tomorrow we have an interview with a Gannett Reporter. The article will go out in about 100 newspapers and possibly USA Today. Will keep updating on everything when we find out more! We have been getting tons of emails again about what we are doing next. More updates will follow next week.

January 18, 2003

Busy, Busy, Busy Day... we have been in talks with some companies about working with us in the near future. Be Sure to check out the article written by Dennis Mayer in Boston University's Newspaper... Read it now. "Taking two young, good-natured kids like Chris and Luke, and making them spokespersons for themselves certainly is indicative of what marketers are looking for right now,” Fleming said.

January 17, 2003

Yesterday we were invited on a National Talk Show which will be taping on January 30th and air during sweeps the following week so everyone stay tuned for updated on what is going on with that. We are planning on making our new announcement for the first time on this show. Lot's going on... more updates to come.

January 16, 2003

Last night, we had a wonderful time in New York City. We went to the "Crack 'da Code" book premier and signing party. We got to spend the night with some wonderful people, including the current Miss USA, Shauntay Hinton, and had dinner before hand with Professional Skater, Lucinda Ruh. We had a really fun night. I'll get pictures from last night up as soon as they get developed. More web site updates will be coming in the next few days.

January 15, 2003

Thank you for visiting our web site. Our new official media Launch will be happening in the next two weeks, for now you can get a jump start on everyone and check out all of the new offerings on

We are offering something that people have been awaiting. We are doing a nationwide search to find a Spokesperson to join our team. For more information on how you can become part of the Chris and Luke team please visit "The New Search" or click here.

LUKE and CHRIS at the shoot of the intro film for their website.

SEAN and CHRIS at the Office.

January 2003 is relaunching for another company search but this time will be bigger and better than ever!

January 15, 2003

Chris And Luke's new website is now online after months of work.

Thank you for visiting our website. Our new official media Launch will be happening in the next two weeks, for now you can get a jump start on everyone and check out all of the new offerings on

We are offering something that people have been awaiting. We are doing a nationwide search to find a Spokesperson to join our team. For more information on how you can become part of the Chris and Luke team please visit "The New Search" or click here.