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Chris And Luke...
What Should I Do?

Today's Advice
February 13, 2003

Dear Chris and Luke,

I really want to go to school on the West Coast, but I live in North Jersey but I’m not sure if I am ready to be so far away from home just yet…but I really want to go! What do I do?

Undecided, North Jersey

Dear Undecided,

You are faced with a similar problem to ours when we were getting ready to go to College. College is a time to learn more about who you are as a person and learn how to take care of yourself as a young adult. If you stay close to home you may never know what it is like to be totally independent and you may regret it later on. On the other hand, the distance and cost of crosscounty travel will limit the number of times you can return home. Even though you will miss your friends and family you have to understand that they anticipate you will go away to school. The best advice is to follow your dreams; if you really want to go to school on the West Coast then you should go.

Past Advice
February 2003

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